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Dear Investor,

Brent-Virkus-PictureI’m Brent Virkus, President and CEO of TRiTON Capital Advisory and author of Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis. I want to help you become a great investor!

I’ve spend over twenty years in the investment business and have worked for some of the biggest firms on Wall Street.  And for the past ten years, I’ve successfully run my own investment management firm managing in excess of $150 million. Needless to say, I’ve seen all the tricks Wall Street has up their sleeves…!

The one thing I can tell you is I’ve never seen what we are experiencing in the markets today. You absolutely need to take control of your investments. You cannot rely on someone else to do this for you!

One of the most important things I’ve learned from my over twenty years of trading stocks is THE CHARTS DON’T LIE!The charts tell you everything you need to know about a stock and the momentum behind its move. Remember the market is nothing more than supply and demand. If there are more buyers than sellers, the stock will go up. If there are more sellers than buyers, the stock will go down. It’s a 100% certainty.

As a matter of fact it is the only thing when trading stocks that is a 100% certainty.

If you have taken our eCourse Timing the Market Just Like the Pros, you have learned all about the Market Timing Academy’s time tested strategy. Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis will give you everything you need to build your own Technical Indicator and Analysis system allowing you to find those high probability low risk trades. Most importantly, the eCourse will help you avoid the disasters!

It’s more important now than ever to take control of your investments. Lets go through a few things that are happening in our current investment markets.  If you listen to CNBC, Bloomberg or the others, you will understand just how out of control things are.  For example:

  • We saw the market drop almost 1,000 points in just five minutes and they still don’t know what caused it
  • We have seen some of the top money managers’ turn out to be nothing more than common day criminals (i.e. Bernie Madoff)
  • Furthermore, we are expected to accept the 300 point swings we are seeing in the markets to be normal!

The funny thing is Every Analyst, Advisor, Reporter or so-called expert has a different opinion.  One says the market will go up and at the same time the other tells you it will go down. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

This is exactly why we put together our On-Line eCourse – Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis. It’s to give you the tools and resources you need to take control of your investments and protect yourself from a market that is clearly out of control…

Here’s what some of our students have to say:

So how does an individual investor Protect Himself or Herself?

“Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis helped me take control of my trading.  It committed me to educating myself and developing an investment plan that works in all market conditions.  Best of all – They Kept it Simple. I didn’t need to have my Masters degree in Finance to understand the content. Thank you MTA!”
Patrick R, Charlotte, North Carolina

What can Find the do to help?

“With so much information out there, I was basically paralyzed in my stock trading. I had so many different indicators on my charts that I couldn’t make a dicision. Find the helped me filter through all the noiseand helped me put together my own chart setup. I now am able to keep things simple and trade with confidence! Simply the best eCourses in the industry!”
Nichole B, New York City, New York

I’ve seen a lot of educational courses on the internet.  What makes the Find the’s eCourses different?

“Outside of great content, Find the has incorporated some really cutting edge technology into their eCourses to help me understand the content.  I’ve purchased a lot of eBooks and other education material over the internet and have never experienced a learning experience like this.  The eCourse definitely gave me the “Real World” examples to clarify exactly what I learned throughout the entire course. I highly recommend their course to anyone truly committed to taking their investing to the next level.”
Michael H, Detroit, Michigan

Exactly what will I learn in Find the’s eCourse – Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis?

Part 1

An Introduction to Technical Analysis

The facts behind the stock market is stocks move on nothing more than supply and demand.  If there are more buyers than sellers, a stock will go up.  If there are more sellers than buyers, the stock will go down.  It is a 100% certainty. It’s the only thing that is guaranteed when trading stocks.

For this reason, the most successful investors learn to use the stock charts to determine the overall direction of a stock’s movement and how much support there is behind the move.  If you can identify stocks that are building momentum and get in ahead of the wave, you will make a tremendous amount of money.

Probably more importantly, if you can identify stocks that are loosing momentum you can avoid the big losses that all amateur investors experience.

Technical Analysis are the tools behind the art of reading stock charts.  Amongst other things, in this section you will learn:

  • What is a Technical Indicator
  • What does a Technical Indicator offer to my trading
  • Why should I use Technical Indicators to increase my profits and minimize my losses
Part 2
Leading Indicators

There are two main types of Technical Indicators – Leading and Lagging indicators. It is imperative as a successful trader to understand what these are and why they impact your trading. The entire foundation of Technical Analysis is built off of these two types of indicators. So in this section you are going to learn:

  • What exactly is a Leading Indicator
  • What are Momentum Oscillators and why do I use them
  • The benefits and drawbacks of Leading Indicators when used in your trading
Part 3
Lagging Indicators

In this section we are going to learn about Lagging indicators and how they compare to Leading Indicators. You will learn:

  • What is a Lagging Indicator and how does it complement a Leading Indicator
  • The benefits and drawbacks of Lagging Indicators when used in your trading
Part 4
Oscillator Types

One of the most powerful Technical Indicators is the Oscillator. In this section we will show you exactly how to incorporate them into your trading to identify those high probability low risk trades. You will learn:

  • The different Oscillator types and how they compare
  • What are Centered Oscillators such as MACD and ROC
  • The definition of Banded Oscillators such as Stochastics and RSI
  • What are the pros and cons of Centered and Banded Oscillators
Part 5
Oscillator Signals

Now that you know about the types of Oscillators, what Signals should I look for. In this section you will learn:

  • What are Positive and Negative Divergences
  • How do I identify Overbought and Oversold Extremes
  • What is the Centerline Crossover Signal and how should I use it in my trading
  • The Pros and Cons of Oscillator Signals
Part 6
The Art of Using Moving Averages

Moving Averages are one of the most common Technical Indicators. But do you really know how to use them? In this section of Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis, we are going to teach you just that – The Art of Using Moving Averages. You will learn:

  • An introduction to what exactly a moving average is and where it comes from
  • The SMA Calculation or Simple Moving Average
  • The EMA Calculation or Exponential Moving Average
  • How the Lag Factor impacts your Technical Analysis
  • Simple -vs- Exponential and why do I care
  • The best Lengths and Timeframes for Moving Averages
  • How to Identify Trend though Double Crossovers, Price Crossovers and Support and Resistance
Part 7
Unlocking the Mystery of Bollinger Bands

You want to learn how and when to trade a stock? Bollinger Bands offer one of the most powerful and reliable Technical Indicators. In this section you will learn:

  • An introduction to exactly what a Bollinger Band is and how it is derived
  • What a “W – Bottom” signal is
  • How a “M – Top” signal works
  • How to integrate Bollinger Bands into your set up
Part 8
Using the Accumulation Distribution Line to Identify Money Flow

Understanding the money flow coming into a stock or leaving a stock is paramount to understanding the power behind a stocks move. The Accumulation Distribution Line is one of the best signals to determine this. In this section you will learn:

  • The methodology behind the Accumulation Distribution Line
  • How to identify Bullish signals within the Accumulation Distribution Line
  • How to identify Bearish signals within the Accumulation Distribution Line
  • How to incorporate this Technical Indicator into your trading
Part 9
Using the Stochastic Oscillator to Identify Momentum

Another powerful Technical Indicator to identify the momentum behind a stocks move is the Stochastic Oscillator. In this section you will learn:

  • What calculation produces the Stochastic Oscillator
  • How to interpret the Stochastic Oscillator
  • What is the difference between Fast, Slow and Full Stochastic Indicators
  • How to identify Overbought and Oversold signals with the Stochastic Indicator
  • What are Bull and Bear Divergences
  • How to identify the proper Bull or Bear Set Up
  • The best ways to incorporate Stochastic Indicators into your trading
Part 10
Using MACD to Time Your Trades

Let’s face it. We all want to know the best way to time your trades. Well the MACD indicator is one of the most popular and easiest to understand Technical Indicators for timing trades. In this section we will teach you:

  • The calculation behind the MACD indicator
  • How to interpret MACD
  • What are MACD Signal Line Crossovers
  • How to use the MACD Center Line Crossover
  • The best ways to identify MACD Divergences
  • How to integrate MACD into your trading
Part 11
Putting it all Together

Now that you know all there is to know about Technical Indicators, how do you put it all together. Most eCourses forget to show you how to put it all together and develop your own set of indicators. Well in this section we are going to show you exactly that – How to Put it all Together.

  • Which Technical Indicators will work for you
  • How to set up the proper system
  • Understanding “Trend”
  • Defining what “Trend” you plan to trade
  • The Market Timing Academy’s Technical Checklist
  • How to fit Technical Indicators to your timeframe
  • Examples of Parameter Setting for RSI and Stochastics
  • Choosing the right Technical Indicators that complement each other
  • The next steps…
How do we Deliver a Better Learning Experience than Other eCourses?
In addition to great content, you will find within the eCourse “Real World” Video Tutorials helping you clarify what you will learn. Let’s look at a few examples:

Bullish Divergence Pattern

Centerline Crossover Example Using MACD

Stochastic Divergence Bullish Pattern

So Exactly What’s Included in the eCourse?

  • Tons of Valuable Contentproviding simple to understand clear training on Technical Analysis
  • Over 40 Different Sample Charts with detailed explanations of how to understand the chart patters
  • 18 Different Avatar Videos providing clear explanation on each and every section of the eCourse
  • 17 “Real World” Videosproviding examples of how to read and understand the various Technical Analysis Indicators you will learn about
I’ve Got Great News! YOU are Eligible for Our
Limited Student Enrollment!

I’m Lisa Virkus, Founder and CEO of Finding the Our goal is to only work with serious students who are committed to becoming a great investors. Over the years, my husband has always said “investors want me to deliver the crystal ball that could predict each and every market move with no effort on their part.

Well after the last few years, we should all understand there is no “crystal ball” or “holy grail” that guarantees success on every investment.  Neither I nor anyone else is responsible for your trading success – YOU ARE - One Hundred Percent…! But, we can help you dramatically shortcut your learning curve, enabling you to take control of your investments and protect yourself.

Personally I’ve spent Tens of Thousands of dollars over the past 20 years just on investing education:  books, tapes, Cd’s, seminars, etc.  You name it, I’ve probably seen it.  And I’ve also sacrificed the better part of my younger days locked away in my study, my nose pressed against the charts searching for answers and the perfect way to invest…

So while I still love investing, it HAS taken a toll on me over the years, both on my wallet and my personal life. But it would not have been possible to put together the information contained in our eCourse Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis without that kind of personal sacrifice.  Thankfully, you don’t have to go through what I did when you become a student of the Market Timing Academy.  We essentially give you the culmination of my husband and my life’s work and others on a silver platter.

So considering that when you become a Timing the Market Just Like the Pros student you’ll be getting training that covers so many areas, such as…

  • An Introduction to Technical Analysis giving you the foundation you need to become a great Chart Reader
  • Leading Indicators and what do they mean when reading the stock charts
  • Lagging Indicators and how do they complement Leading Indicators
  • The different types of Oscillators
  • How to identify Oscillator Signals
  • The Art of Using Moving Averages to identify Trend
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Bollinger Bands
  • Using the Accumulation Distribution Line to Know what the Institutions are buying or selling
  • How to use the Stochastic Oscillator
  • How to use MACD to time your trades
  • And, most importantly, HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER

So with all this being said, I needed to figure out how much to charge for all this valuable education. Many of our industry peers think we should charge $2,000+ for this eCourse (Especially some of the other trading educators out there. Because they don’t want us to “devalue” their courses by charging less than them).

In my opinion, $2,000+ is a lot for a premium investing course, but honestly, it is not unheard of. Especially considering all you receive with Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis…

Well Bottom Line, I have a hard time with that price, even though I’m getting a lot of pressure to indeed charge that much.  Especially from my husband…  I feel it is important to make the eCourse affordable to everyone. So I’ve decided to slash that price in half to $997!

But recently in the various Forums that I contribute to, I’ve read multiple heart felt posts from investors telling me WHY they ultimately want to learn how to invest on their own.  It isn’t just about the money for most people.  It’s about taking control of their investments to provide a better life for their family and kids.  It’s about not needed to rely on someone else who might not have your best interests in mine.

Those posts really made me think hard about what to charge.  And while I was just about to go with the $2,997 price, I’ve decided to include a BONUS module!

Your Bonus
The Find the eCourse – The Most Common Mistakes Amateur Investors Make

Why not learn from the mistakes of others. In the eCourse – The Most Common Mistakes Individual Investors Make, you will learn exactly that – What NOT to DO! This eCourse is packed with valuable information and incorporates a lot of Avatar Video to help you truly understand the mistakes the Amateur Investors Make and How to STOP Making them! Examples Include:

  • Cashing in on small gains while living in denial and stubbornly holding onto your losses when they are small and reasonable
  • Letting your emotions drive your decisions rather than establishing sound selection criteria and understanding exactly what to look for
  • Not understanding the True Direction of the Overall Market
  • etc., etc., etc.

So as you can see, we are giving you well over $2,000 worth of quality investment education for just $997. But since I want to make sure you take the next step toward becoming a great investor – here is the best news of all..

For the Next 200 Students, we are going to give you everything for just…

So look…Here is the Bottom Line.  It doesn’t matter if you are new to the investment game or a seasoned veteran.  It doesn’t matter if you use an advisor or you do it yourself.  You need to take control of your investments and protect yourself from a market that is certainly not acting normal!

Let us here at Find the give you the tools and resources you need to become a great investor!

Our eCourses are packed with valuable education and I know we will help you become a confident investor and profit from these markets both in up and in down times.

And remember, we offer a unconditional money back guarantee on all of our eCourses.

If you have any questions about whether this eCourse is right for you, please do not hesitate to email me at

Make it a great year!

Best regards,

Lisa Lawton-Virkus

Founder and CEO of Find the


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