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Dear Investor,

Brent-Virkus-PictureI’m Brent Virkus, President and CEO of TRiTON Capital Advisory and author of Timing the Market Just Like the Pros. I want to help you become a great investor!

I’ve spend over twenty years in the investment business and have worked for some of the biggest firms on Wall Street.  And for the past ten years, I’ve successfully run my own investment management firm managing in excess of $150 million. Needless to say, I’ve seen all the tricks Wall Street has up their sleeves…!

The one thing I can tell you is I’ve never seen what we are seeing in the markets today.  You absolutely need to take control of your investments  You cannot rely on someone else to do this for you!

One of the most important things I’ve learned over my twenty plus years of managing money is History Repeats Itself! That is the reason our strategy has been so successful. It is based on fact, not opinion. It is based on how the markets actually work and will continue to work in the future.  It is based on a study of the best performing investments over the past 100 years and what they all had in common just prior to making their major moves.

It’s more important now than ever to take control of your investments. Lets go through a few things that are happening in our current investment markets.  If you listen to CNBC, Bloomberg or the others, you will understand just how out of control things are.  For example:

  • We saw the market drop almost 1,000 points in just five minutes and they still have not figured out what caused it…
  • We have seen some of the top money managers in the world turn out to be nothing more than common day criminals (i.e. Bernie Madoff)…
  • Furthermore, we are expected to accept the 300 point swings we are seeing in the markets to be normal!

The funny thing about this is every Analyst, Advisor, Reporter or so-called Expert has a different opinion.  One says the market will go up and at the same time the other tells you it will go down. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

This is exactly why we put together our On-Line eCourse – Timing the Market Just Like the Pros. It’s to give you the tools and resources you need to take control of your investments and protect yourself from a market that is clearly out of control…

Here’s what some of our students have to say:

So how does an individual investor protect himself or herself?

“The most important thing Timing the Market Just Like the Pros has taught me is to avoid the big losses.  The eCourse has given me a simple way to quickly identify whether I should be in the market or sitting in cash.  Something my advisors have never done.  The eCourse is a must do if you are serious about taking control of your investments.”
Jason D, Atlanta, Georgia

“Timing the Market Just Like the Pros helped me take control of my investments.  It committed me to educating myself and developing an investment plan that works in all market conditions.  Best of all, they kept it simple.  I didn’t need a Masters Degree in Finance to understand the materials. Bottom line – They’ve given me clear guidance on how to take care of myself and not to have to rely on the advice of others.  Thank you Brent!”
Pat R, Charlotte, North Carolina

So what can the Find the Capital.com do to help?

“With so much information out there, I was basically paralyzed in my investment decision making. Find the Capital.com helped me filter through all the noise and gave me the tools and resources I needed to take control of my investment portfolio.  Simply the best eCourses in the industry!
Nichole B, New York City, New York

I’ve seen a lot of educational courses on the internet.  What makes the Timing the Market Just Like the Pros eCourse different?

“Outside of great content, Find the Capital.com has incorporated some really cutting edge technology into their eCourses.  I’ve purchased a lot of eBooks, eCourses, News Letters and other education material over the years and have never experienced a learning experience like this.  Timing the Market Just Like the Pros is packed with “Real World” Videos giving me clear understanding of what I learned. The MTA eCourses definitely have kept me focused and engaged through the entire course. I highly recommend their course to anyone truly committed to taking their investing to the next level.”
Mike H, Detroit, Michigan
Exactly what will I learn in the Find the Capital.com’s eCourse – Timing the Market Just Like the Pros?

Module 1

Benefit from Knowing What Worked in the Past and What Will Continue to Work in the Future

When trading stocks you need to understand what a company’s fundamentals look like just before they make their major moves. Part 1 of Timing the Market Just Like the Pros will teach you exactly that – What to look for in a stock!


  • An overview of the most common mistakes amateur investors make and how to stop making them
  • A detailed overview of how the MTA Investment Strategy works and why it works in all market conditions
  • How history repeats itself in the stock market and what you should learn from it
  • How Current Earnings of a company impacts the stock’s performance
  • What type of Annual Earnings growth do the best performing stocks have just before they made their major moves
  • What fundamental characteristics did the top performing stocks from the past 100 years have in common just before they broke out to new highs or rolled over
  • How Supply and Demand impacts a stocks price
  • How do the institutional investors (i.e. mutual funds, hedge funds, etc.) impact a stocks ability to go up or down

Modules 2 and 3
How to Read the Stock Charts Just Like the Pros


Remember stocks move on nothing more than supply and demand. If there are more buyers than sellers the stock will go up. If there are more sellers than buyers, the stock will go down. It is a 100% certainty! The stock charts are what give you clear guidance into the supply and demand of a stock. In Part 2 of Timing the Market Just Like the Pros we will teach you exactly how to use the  charts to really understand how a stock is actually trading…

  • Stock Chart reading, the basics
  • Types of Stock Charts and what information I should garner from them
  • What is Support and Resistance and how do I use it
  • The top methods for establishing Support and Resistance to find that high probability low risk entry point
  • Support and Resistance Zones and what do they mean to me
  • How to use Trend Lines when trading a stock
  • How to Scale Settings on the charts
  • Price Gaps and what do they mean to a stocks potential upside or downside
How to Recognize Chart Patterns to Identify High Probability Trades – Examples:

Once you understand how stock charts work, you need to learn how to read them to identify those perfect high probability trades with the least amount of downside risk. In Part 3 of Timing the Market Just Like the Pros we show you exactly what to look for for those perfect trades…

  • The Double Top (Reversal) Patterns
  • The Double Bottom (Reversal) Patterns
  • Head and Shoulders (Reversal) Patterns
  • Head and Shoulders Bottom (Reversal) Patterns
  • Falling Wedge (Reversal) Patterns
  • Rising Wedge (Reversal) Patterns
  • Flag Pennant (Continuation) Patterns
  • Price Channel (Continuation) Patterns
  • Cup with Handle (Continuation) Patterns
Module 4
The Most Difficult Question of all - When to Sell

Ok, now that you have found that perfect stock and purchased it, how do you know when to sell it.  One of the biggest mistakes investors make is forgetting to manage the trade once you have made it.  You need to protect your gains and minimize your losses.  This is exactly what we will teach you in Part 4 of Timing the Market Just Like the Pros…When to sell!

  • How to know when to limit your losses and capture your gains
  • How to identify “Technical” sell signals to avoid significant losses
  • How to manage your trades using stops loss orders, limit orders, etc. so you don’t have to be tied to the computer
Module 5
The Basics of Portfolio Management

One of the most important thing to understand as an individual investor is proper Portfolio Management. Without proper Portfolio Management, your chance of success is significantly hindered.  In Part 5 of Timing the Market Just Like the Pros, we are going to teach some very simple Portfolio Management do’s and don’ts.

  • How many stocks should I own with the available dollars I have to invest
  • How to spread your purchases over time to reduce my risk
  • Should I use margin to enhance my gains
Module 6
Know What Phase the Market is in and Whether you Should be in the Market or Sitting in Cash

Ok, here is what everyone forgets to do – understand whether the market is in an up trend, down trend or trading flat.  If you get the read on the market wrong, 3 out of 4 of the best stocks will do the exact opposite of what you want them to do. Not understanding the direction of the overall market is exactly what happened to all the investors who road their investments down though the entire bear markets of 2000  and 2007.  Did your advisor tell you to get out prior to these major moves down?

  • How you can quickly spot Market Bottoms
  • How to confidently identify Market Tops
  • How to “Observe the Tap” to keep a good pulse on the overall market
Module 7
The thing every eCourse forgets to teach you -

How to Put it All Together

You can find a lot of great stock training courses out there, but not many help you put your own plan together.  In Part 6 of Timing the Market Just Like the Pros, we are going to give you a step by step guide on putting your own trading plan together.

  • How to properly build a watch list so you are ready to go when the market gives you the perfect signal
  • How do I filter through all the resources out there for investors and what are the best ones for evaluating company’s fundamentals
  • What are the top advanced stock screening services so you can quickly filter through thousands of stocks for the ones that meet your investment criteria
  • How to develop your own trading plan that fits your risk profile
  • Finally, the most important rules and guidelines to remember

What’s Included in the eCourse?

  • Hundreds of Pagesof Content providing simple to understand clear training on the MTA strategy
  • Over 38 Different sample charts with detailed explanations of how to understand what you are looking at
  • Over 20 Avatar videos providing further explanation on each and every topic
  • 14 different Videos providing real world examples of how to read the various chart patterns to recognize those perfect low risk buy points
  • Multiple tutorial videos on exactly how to use the best on-line resources available to investors
  • To help you get started – The Market Timing Academy’s proprietary Stock Buying Checklist
  • And of course – The Market Timing Academy’s proprietary Stock Selling Checklist


I’ve got great news!  YOU are Eligible For Our Limited Student Enrollment!

I’m Lisa Virkus, Founder of Find the Capital.com. Our goal is to only work with serious students who are committed to becoming a great investors. Over the years, my husband has always said “investors always wanted me to deliver the crystal ball that could predict each and every market move with no effort on their part”.

Well after the last few years, we should all understand there is no “crystal ball” or “holy grail” that guarantees success on every investment.  Neither I nor anyone else is responsible for your trading success – YOU ARE - One Hundred Percent…! But, we can help you dramatically shortcut your learning curve, enabling you to take control of your investments and protect yourself.

Personally I’ve spent Tens of Thousands of dollars over the past 20 years just on investing education:  books, tapes, Cd’s, seminars, etc.  You name it, I’ve probably seen it.  And I’ve also sacrificed the better part of my younger days locked away in my study, my nose pressed against the charts searching for answers and the perfect way to invest…

So while I still love investing, it HAS taken a toll on me over the years, both on my wallet and my personal life. But it would not have been possible to put together the information contained in our eCourse Timing the Market Just Like the Pros without that kind of personal sacrifice.  Thankfully, you don’t have to go through what I did when you become a student of Find the Capital.com.  We essentially give you the culmination of my husband and my life’s work and others on a silver platter.

So considering that when you become a Timing the Market Just Like the Pros student you’ll be getting training that covers so many areas, such as…

  • Find the Capital.com’s entire time tested investment strategy so you have confidence in your decision making
  • How to read the stock charts just like the pros rather than just throwing a dart against the board or listening to someone else’s advice without true guidance
  • How to identify those high probability low risk trades so you minimize the risk in your portfolio
  • So you don’t make the same mistakes that so many investors did during the last Bear Markets – How to quickly identify whether you should be in the market or sitting in cash
  • Guidance to the best resources throughout the industry and most importantly how to use them
  • And, to put it all together – the Market Timing Academy’s step by step guide on how to build your own trading plan

So with all this being said, I needed to figure out how much to charge for all this valuable education. Many of our industry peers think we should charge $2,000+ for this eCourse (Especially some of the other trading educators out as they don’t want us to “devalue” their courses by charging less than them).

In my opinion, $2,000+ is a lot for a premium investing course, but honestly, it is not unheard of. Especially considering all you receive with Timing the Market Just Like the Pros…

Well Bottom Line, I have a hard time with that price, even though I’m getting a lot of pressure to indeed charge that much. Especially from my husband…  I feel it is important to make the eCourse affordable to everyone. So I’ve decided to slash that price in half to $997!

But recently in the various Forums that I contribute to, I’ve read multiple heart felt posts from investors telling me WHY they ultimately want to learn how to invest on their own.  It isn’t just about the money for most people.  It’s about taking control of their investments to provide a better life for their family and kids.  It’s about not needing to rely on someone else who might not have your best interests in mine.

Those posts really made me think hard about what to charge.  And while I was just about to go with the $2,997 price, I’ve decided to include some BONUS modules!

Bonus Module #1

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis – The Basics

  • What is a Technical Indicator and how do I incorporate it into my investment strategy
  • What does a Technical Indicator offer meto help become a better trader
  • Overview of Leading Indicators and how to use them
  • Overview of Lagging Indicators and how they complement other indicators
  • The benefits and drawbacks of using Technical Analysis
Bonus Module #2

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Technical Analysis – How to incorporate Technical Analysis into your investment plan

  • Which technical indicators will work for you
  • Setting up the proper system
  • Defining what trend you plan to trade
  • Understanding what exactly trend is
  • The Market Timing Academy’s proprietary technical checklist
  • Fitting technical indicators to your investment timeframe
  • And finally, choosing which technical indicators work the best together

So as you can see, we are giving you well over $2,000+ worth of quality investment education for just $997.  But since I want to make sure you take the next step toward becoming a great investor – We are only going to charge you $149.97!


So look…Here is the Bottom Line.  It doesn’t matter if you are new to the investment game or a seasoned veteran.  It doesn’t matter if you use an advisor or you do it yourself. You need to take control of your investments and protect yourself from a market that is certainly not acting normal!

Let us here at Find the Capital.com give you the tools and resources you need to become a great investor!

Our eCourses are packed with valuable education and I know we will help you become a confident investor and profit from these markets both in up and in down times.

And remember, we offer a 30 Day unconditional money back guarantee on all of our eCourses.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at lisa@findthecapital.com. I’d love to help.

Make it a great year!

Best regards,

Lisa Lawton-Virkus

Founder and CEO of Find the Capital.com


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