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Dear Investor,

Virkus Picture HalfI’m Brent Virkus President and CEO of TRiTON Capital Advisory, an industry leading Real Estate Investment Banking and Development Company and author of the Individual Investors Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate.

I want to help you become a great investor!

But first let me tell you what makes our eCourse, The Individual Investors Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate, different than others you may have seen…

It’s really quite simple, our eCourse was put together by myself, a person with over 20 years of actual “real world” experience in the Investment Advisory and Real Estate Development businesses. I’m not someone who claims to be an expert but honestly has no experience other than too much schooling…

You see, since graduating from college in 1992, I’ve built several multimillion dollar businesses including…

Merrill LynchA successful Financial Advisory practice at Merrill Lynch assets totaling well in excess of $150 million and revenues of over $1.5 million per year…



Triton Capital Advisory Logo 2I then started TRiTON Capital Advisory, an industry leading real estate investment banking firm that has been directly involved in the capital structuring of well north of $1 billion in real estate transactions…


HyattThis same company grew into a full service real estate development company that ultimately developed Hyatt Resorts $120 million flagship Private Residence Club located on one of the greatest beaches on the west coast of Florida….


What I’ve Found During my Years in the Business

You know what I’ve found over the years?  You cannot rely on anyone but yourself! I’m sure you have had great Investment Advisors over the years, but at times felt uncomfortable because you were solely relying on their expertise. Well this is exactly why I put together the eCourse, The Individual Investors Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate – To help individual investors take control of their investments.

So hear is the deal, commercial real estate has seen the worst decline since the Great Depression.  It’s time to introduce this asset class to your portfolio! But remember, the most important thing to do when introducing a new class of investment to your portfolio is to make sure you completely understand the intricacies behind the investment prior to investing your hard earned dollars.

The funny thing is when you start to research a new asset class or talk to your advisor about whether it is right for you, everyone has a different opinion.  So what do you do?  Educate yourself.  Take control!

This is exactly why we put together our eCourse – The Individual Investors Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate.  It’s to help you take control of your investments and protect yourself from a market is just not acting normal.

What Some of our eCourse Students Have to Say

“I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate, but never had the courage to do so.  With the market as depressed as it is, I felt this was the time to get in.  Find the’s eCourse on How to Make Money in Real Estate was exactly what I needed – The foundation to become a great real estate investor!
George A, Royal Oak, Michigan

“I’ve been in the real estate business for the past 20 years as a residential agent.  I’ve always wanted to invest in commercial real estate, but needed a course that would teach me the basics of investing in commercial real estate investments.  This eCourse did that and more. I’m now very confident in how I approach new investments.  Thank you!”
Matt H, Detroit, Michigan
One of the most important things the eCourse taught me was how to get my projects financed. With the conventional financing market non-existent, this eCourse gave me direction to other types of financing that I had no idea existed.  Great course for the beginner all the way through the advanced investor.”
Pat R, Charlotte, North Carolina

Exactly What Will I Learn?

Part 1

Real Estate…How it Compares to Other Asset Classes

So you want to include real estate into your portfolio?  This section will give you background on how real estate compares to other asset classes and how to determine what is best for you.

  • Private Market real estate investments
  • Public Market real estate investment
  • Equity REIT’s and how they work
  • Mortgage REIT’s and how are they different from other REIT’s
  • What are Hybrid REIT’s
  • Determining your risk tolerance
  • Risk-Reward concept
  • Determining your risk preference
  • The MTA Investment Risk Pyramid
  • How to personalize your Risk Pyramid
  • The MTA Investment Selection Matrix
Part 2

What types of real estate investments are there

Now that you understand  how real estate investments compare to other asset classes, what types are there and what do they do for me?  In this section we will teach you exactly that. What is out there and should I include it in my portfolio.

  • Income Producing -vs- Non-Income Producing Investments
  • What types of Office Properties are there
  • The different types of Retail Properties and how do I make money with them
  • Industrial Property types
  • What exactly is a Multi-Family Residential Property
Part 3

The characteristics of real estate investments

Every investment type acts differently.  Some produce growth.  Some produce income.  What are the characteristics of a real estate investment.

  • Common characteristics of real estate investments
  • How do I evaluate the Return on Investment for Real Estate
  • What is a cash on cash return and what does it mean to my overall return on investment
  • How do I determine my overall Return on Investment with real estate
Part 5

What are the advantage and disadvantages of investing in real estate

Every type of investment has advantages and disadvantages of including it into your investment portfolio.  What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating real estate into my portfolio.

  • Benefits of real estate investments
  • Disadvantages of real estate investments
  • What other considerations are there
Part 6

Buying and Owning Real Estate

What should I expect when buying and owning real estate.

  • What should I expect when buying Public Equity real estate investments
  • What should I expect when buying Private Equity real estate investments
  • The difference between Public and Private Debt real estate investments
Part 7
Finding Investmet Value and Project Financing

When you find a real estate opportunity, how do you value the property to make sure you are not paying too much?  And, potentially the most important, how do I finance the acquisition?

  • The basics of how to value a property
  • What is the Market Data Method of valuing a property
  • An overview of the Replacement Cost Method of valuing a property
  • The Income Analysis Method of Valuing a property
  • The Direct Capitalization Method of Valuing a Property
  • How does the Discount Cash Flow Method of Valuing a property work
  • The Gross Rent Multiplier Method
  • What should I consider when hiring an Appraiser
  • What types of Mortgage Financing is Available
  • Find the’s Proprietary 7 steps to evaluate a real estate investment opportunity
  • Find the’s best ways to secure project financing

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