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Dear Fellow Sales Professional,

Virkus Picture HalfHi, I’m Brent Virkus, author of Find the’s 7 Steps to the Ultimate Marketing Machine. In this brief presentation I’m going to reveal to you our proven system of using social media to transform your current sales and marketing strategy into a 24/7 sales machine…

But first let me tell you what makes our system different than others you may have seen…

It’s really quite simple, our system was built by myself, a person with over 20 years experience selling the same stuff you sell. Financial Services. Not someone who claims to be a marketing expert but honestly has no experience selling.

You see, since graduating from college in 1992, I’ve built several multimillion dollar businesses including…


Merrill LynchA successful Financial Advisory practice at Merrill Lynch assets totaling well in excess of $150 million and revenues of over $1.5 million per year



Triton Capital Advisory Logo 2I then started TRiTON Capital Advisory, an industry leading investment banking firm that has been involved in the capital structuring of over $1 billion in real estate


HyattThis same company grew into a full service real estate development company that ultimately developed Hyatt Resorts $120 million flagship Private Residence Club located on one of the greatest beaches on the west coast of Florida


What is our secret to success?


Here is what Some Have to Say….


“Brent Virkus and his team are simply the best sales and marketers I’ve ever seen. They just get it. They know how to generate massive deal flow and have perfected the systems required to process that deal flow from lead to prospect to paying customers. They’ve done wonders for my financial advisory practice.”
Cleat Lindsey, Scripter and Associates
“I’ve known Brent for over 25 years. What he has done to help my business grow has been invaluable. Most noteworthily he helped me build the perfect LinkedIn profile and marketing campaign. I truly have people reaching out to me!”
Mike Hassing, Automotive Subprime Finance

So What Will I Learn?


Today we are proud to announce, we are bringing our proprietary system, The Ultimate Marketing Machine, to sales professionals around the world.

Let us do it all for you!

  • The New School style of prospecting versus the Old School methods we are all so aware of
  • How to determine your Brand and Target Market
  • How to develop the perfect Web Presence for lead generation
  • How to set up the perfect Social Media profile to get people to search you out
  • How to develop the perfect Social Media prospecting system to grow your database of people looking for your services and expecting to hear from you
  • How to develop the perfect drip marketing campaign
  • How to properly manage your database to efficiently convert leads to prospects to revenue generating customers
  • How to put together the perfect team
  • How to set and track goals to ensure your success


Are we Any Good at It?


Remember this is the exact system that…


  • Put us in the Top 1% most viewed profiles on LinkedIn
  • Grew our database to over 10,000 contacts that want to do business with us and expect to hear from us
  • Closed well in excess to $1 billion in real estate transactions
  • Built a Financial Advisory firm with more than $150 million under management and producing over $1.5 million per year in revenues
  • Developed Hyatt Resorts $120 million flagship Private Residence Club located on one of the greatest beaches in America


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7 Steps to the Ultimate Marketing Machine


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